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Why choose this corporate group training:

1. In line with reality: imitating the real market, it is necessary for companies to pursue the market shares of different sectors.
2. Teamwork: Winning depends on the cooperation and communication of everyone in the team.
3. Strategic planning: With intelligent thinking, sometimes you need to compete in life, sometimes you need to cooperate to establish a marketing alliance, and the teams will need to come up with strategies in order to dominate.
4. Flexibility: The game will change, so will the life. The team needs to be able to adapt when conditions change.

How we do this:

We will first divide the participants into groups. Each group will get a bucket of puzzles from a variety of sets. Each group must try their best to create the original appearance of the puzzle to establish market share. Each piece represents a consumer, you need to use teamwork, cooperation, communication, strategy, trading, in order to dominate the market.

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