Drum Café Taiwan

Get your team to work together in harmony like an World class orchestra. Teamwork makes the dream-work. | One Team. One Beat.


  • Your staff will arrive as individuals. And leave as an orchestra. In harmony, they can achieve the unbelievable. Use the universal language of music to unite your company.

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Drum Café unites staff like an orchestra. Great teams know that an organization is made up of different people, departments, roles. Only when they are all working in harmony can an organization achieve its full potential. We let different groups play different beats, then we combine these beats resulting in a powerful melody.

World leaders trust Drum café team drumming: Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Nicole Kidman and Singapore’s chief Justice, Menon. Used by Singtel, Google, Apple, P&G, UOB and many more.

See more details and photos here:www.drumcafe.com.tw

Training Method: Drumming Teambuilding

Unify staff in the belief that if we work together, we are unbeatable.

Boom Colour Percussion: A trusting team is as strong as its weakest link

Boom Color Percussion: We all have different roles. But if we all play our part well our team can be like a perfect orchestra

We are as strong as our weakest link. Each department is vital to our success. Using team color tubes percussion we unite the executive team.




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