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Develop telepathic skills to anticipate your team member’s next step in advance. |


  • Come to your senses! Get the freshest most innovative team games with the all new, all engaging Sixth Sense Team Builder.

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Successful teams learn to engage the power of all the senses to be stronger as a team. This training uses the 6 senses in a refreshingly new teambuilding to hit Taiwan in 2017!

By heightening colleagues’ awareness of their 6 Senses they can become a lot more in tune with their team. Moreover, they can develop a “6thSense” and understanding with their colleagues. Now they don’t have to wait for things to happen, because they instinctively can anticipate what their team members will need next!

Come to your senses. Book Singapore’s most unique teambuilding.

New Smelling team game:

What happens:

It’s challenging because both participants are limited to only one sense and must depend on the other to gather information.


Teams that learn to trust and rely on each other’s strengths will find it easier to overcome challenges.

What happens:


We unite your team through sound. Using a high end technology of wireless headphones. Teams cannot hear one another. Instead they have to read body language, and sound to identify with one another. We play a series of different songs. Team members have to be able to communicate non-verbally to see who is listening to the same song.

Learning: They say non-verbal communication counts for 50% of communication. This sensory team game will develop this skill in an instant!


Team members are blindfolded. They have to pass a soccer ball between themselves, and anticipate where there colleague will move to.  Click below video to see an example inspired by the ultimate team!


Every department wishes they had more budget or more manpower. Hey, but that’s not going to happen. We need to work with our limited resources to overcome the challenges. So we deprive staff of their sight by blindfolding some. Others are deprived of touch by handcuffing the. If they can overcome these setbacks in a tent building competition, then they can overcome anything in real life!

Teams need to identify the mystery smells of different objects, they could be fruit, drinks, scents or objects. Teams can discuss what they think they are and teams learn to come to a consensus. There are three levels, and each level is designed in a new format, which requires different strategy and teamwork to accomplish. Scores are tallied in each level, the team with the highest score combined wins the game! 

It’s challenging because:

Aside from trying to identify many similar scents, individuals have to remind themselves to think about the group as a whole and maintain a communication bridge among team members.


While these exercises demonstrate the importance of open communication and cumulative learning, the most important lesson is that teams who tend to think in the best interest of their group will stay strong and united.


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Six Senses

Develop telepathic skills to anticipate your team member’s next step in advance.

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