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  • Order, taste and share awesome food at the designated stops

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Discover Taiwan’s most famous foods and cooking in a team race across Taipei or any other area!

Explore from Din Tai Fong’s original kitchen for xiao long bao dumplings, signature Taiwanese bubble milk tea, to the refreshing ice mango pudding.

Visit iconic locations such as the Grand Hotel. Taipei 101 skyscraper, and dazzling local night markets. Your team must work together to solve the clues of this Taiwanese cuisine treasure hunt—It’s uniting, exciting and delicious! Combine great team work with an amazing race and treasure hunt, where the treasure are amazing flavors and Taiwanese dishes. See the menu: Team Cooperation, Goal orientation, communication and negotiation, and finally team-bonding! All are wrapped up with local Taiwanese dishes in a fun activity—which is even more perfect if you are a foodie!

In this teambuilding program, your team will experience the following:
• Order, taste and share awesome food at the designated stops—as many as possible!
• Interact with the local public to acquire directions and hints to the challenge!
• Learn to adjust to the differences between planning and execution, and update your strategy as the program runs!
• Establish efficient and viable travel plans using limited budget and travel options (public transportation only!)
• Most importantly—to bond through the program and to have tons of fun!


Key abilities your team will learn from this program:

Optimize team strategy to gain most points: A strong team understands its objectives, priorities, and limitations. All should be taken into consideration while striving to gain the most result.

To be flexible and respond swiftly to crisis situation: There will be many variables during the program—traffic, unexpected queuing, disorientation, and many other challenges. A good team knows how to deal with crisis strategically and adjust the plan whenever needed.

To use resources intelligently and overcome cultural barriers: A strong team learns to allocate its limited resources in a smart way and will ask for consultation whenever needed. You will need to interact with local Taiwanese in order to gather all the info you need to clear the challenge!

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