Tribal Archery Game

The ultimate teambuilding game in Taiwan - Hunt one another with strategy to survive. | The best team strategy survival game.


  • Teams have to work closely together to devise a strategy to survive, out think, and out play their opposing team.

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Teams have to work closely together to devise a strategy to survive, out think, and out play their opposing team.

It’s paintball meets the Hunger games.Only more primal, more exciting adrenalin using a bow and arrow.

This is a safe game using soft foam sponge arrow heads. We have run several hundred events with NO injuries.

The most exciting team survival game of 2017!

How the Team Shoot Out works:

Safety first. Teams are briefed the rules. Question always asked: How painful is it if you get hit by an arrow? Answer: No pain. Just gives you a slight fright. It is a bit like some whacking you with a newspaper. It makes a sound, so it wakes you up and gets your adrenalin going, but there is no pain or mark afterwards. Played safely with over 2,000 people, with no injuries.

Activity: Tribe Naming: Benefit: Team Brainstorm staff learn to be open to each other’s ideas:

Break into competing teams. Teams have to come up with their own name relevant to the department’s goals. Then they have to create their own Shields for protection, and them line. Example: Sales Avengers: Shooting Higher.

Activity: Warrior Spirit. Benefit: Uniting the Team with each person’s participation: 

Teams have to come up with their own war cry and dance. The team has to be sychronized to make this work. If they win, they will be awarded more arrows. If they loose they will have less arrows. Watch how teams suddenly get very passionate when they hear this news!

Activity: Shoot Out: Benefit: Teams have to work together to survive and be accountable for their roles.
Just as in the working environment, different members have to take on different roles to survive and do better than other companies. There are attackers, defenders, doctors, etc. Teams have to assign members different roles, and then later change these roles and continually improve or optimize their team. Teams have to compete through different levels of shoot outs. Each team scores points by how many of the opposition they shoot.

Activity: Target Relay. Benefit: Departments learn quickly who is their stronger, or weaker members at an activity, then adapt to make use of both their strengths and weaknesses. The teams have to take on a target shooting relay in sequence. They need to decide when and where they use their stronger, or weaker, team members to achieve success at getting more targets.

Activity: Stealth shoot out: Benefit: Teams think more strategically of how to win.

Like any company, it is not always the strongest that survive, instead the advantage will fall to those who can be smart and strategic about how they operate. Often smaller less strong teams will win this round by first discussing how to be more efficient and tactical in their battle plans.

Activity: One Team. One Target. Benefit: We unite everyone together at the end.
Points are calculated to see which team is the winner of the Arrow shoot out. Then we unite all the teams, under one department theme – sometimes the winning team’s slogan! Everyone poses for a group photo – ready to fight together and win together.


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