Tricycle 1 Team Bonding

All the excitement of F1. Win as 1 in this team bonding race. | Start your engines!


  • Heart-pumping team building thrill racing. Tire changing teamwork. Route selection strategic thinking. Team passion cheering. Trusting each other in relay hand-overs. Win as 1. With Tricycle 1.

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Running a F1 team, or Tricycle 1 Team is not just about winning a race. You need precision teamwork and a winning strategy to succeed. Teams have to work together to overcome a series of challenges, and score points every stage to see which is the true champion team!

  • Tyre changing Precision Team work collaboration.
  • Fuel Change Team Strategy challenges.
  • Blind riding to develop Trust for one another.
  • Final Grand Prix understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Now your staff can enjoy the newest team building activity in Taiwan. Plus excitement, laughter while learning to communicate, trust one another and be efficient. With Tricycle 1 you Win as 1!

Great teams unify around a Goal: Teams first work on what their team stands for. They devise a cool racing brand, slogan and chant.

Power team leaders know how to delegate: T1 members have to delegate different job functions. Members are assigned designated roles to construct, assemble and test their race machines.

Power teams play to their strengths and weaknesses Great teams optimize: Qualifying starts, and teams learn to optimize their performance by seeing who is good at what.

Successful Teams develop Successful Strategies: Teams need to plan their route, and how they deliver the points. They cannot have one winner in the team. The whole game is based on a team point system. So they need to think what is best for the team, not the individual. Members need to agree on a strategy of route, race members, timing to maximize their point scoring in various tricycle race challenges.

Precision teamwork takes Trust: The ultimate challenge as Tricycles come in for the pit stop! A change of tyres or drivers requires a smooth hand over. Members have to trust one another to do their part to make the pit stop successful like clock work. You’ve seen it in F1, now do it yourself at T1!

FAQ: What happens if I have a big staff member who cannot fit in the tricycle? 
A: We have different size tricycles. Don’t worry there is a role for
each person to play. It’s a team remember!

Tricycle Teambuilding Ready. Steady. Go – what are you waiting for!

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