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“Tastes of Taiwan”Amazing Race

Teams have to race across Taipei, discovering the best local Taiwanese food stores or unique Taiwanese snacks.

Teams score points by trying different Taiwanese dishes
And taking fun photos along the way.

Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-10.png
To work as a team to locate and experience some of Taiwan’s best local dishes.
Work out the quickest way to 5 different locations, the itinerary must follow the sequence of 1-5.
Get to the designated place > order food > Take a photo > eat > to the next location.
Team that wins the most points is the winner.
Win points by: (Winner team to be announced later at dinner)
- Finishing each leg/stop the fastest
- Finishing the whole race the fastest.
- Most creative photo at each venue. 

Learn Survival Chinese

•Please: Qing 請

•Thank you: Xie Xie 謝謝

•Sorry: Dui Bu Qi 對不起

•Excuse me: Qing Wen 請問

•Delicious: Hao Chi 好吃

•Goodbye: Zai Jian 再見 or just say Bye

•Address: Di Zhi 地址

•How much? Duo Shao Qian 多少錢?

•Turn left: Zuo Zhuan左轉

•Turn right: Yo Zhuan 右轉

•Traffic Lights: Hong Lu Deng 紅綠燈

•Big: Da 大

•Medium: Zhong 中

•Small: Xiao小

•East: Dong 東

•West: Xi 西

•South: Nan 南

•North: Bei 北

Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-11.jpg
Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-12.jpg
Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-13.jpg
Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-14.jpg
Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-15.jpg




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