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To work as a team to locate and experience some of Taiwan’s best local dishes.
Work out the quickest way to 5 different locations, the itinerary must follow the sequence of 1-5.
Get to the designated place > order food > Take a photo > eat > to the next location.
Team that wins the most points is the winner.
Win points by: (Winner team to be announced later at dinner)
- Finishing each leg/stop the fastest
- Finishing the whole race the fastest.
- Most creative photo at each venue. 

Learn Survival Chinese

•Please: Qing 請

•Thank you: Xie Xie 謝謝

•Sorry: Dui Bu Qi 對不起

•Excuse me: Qing Wen 請問

•Delicious: Hao Chi 好吃

•Goodbye: Zai Jian 再見 or just say Bye

•Address: Di Zhi 地址

•How much? Duo Shao Qian 多少錢?

•Turn left: Zuo Zhuan左轉

•Turn right: Yo Zhuan 右轉

•Traffic Lights: Hong Lu Deng 紅綠燈

•Big: Da 大

•Medium: Zhong 中

•Small: Xiao小

•East: Dong 東

•West: Xi 西

•South: Nan 南

•North: Bei 北

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