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Domino Effect Teambuilding

Your company is like a big championship team, everyone on the team has their own roles and responsibilities, and the trigger can make all the difference. Through the Dominoes Team Challenge, every colleague can strengthen and cultivate mutual teamwork and cooperation skills in the game.


Why Domino Effect is the KEY

The actions we take
have an impact on those around us
What is the Domino Effect?

Effective team activities or in-company training allow all members to work together towards a common goal.

Activity goal: Each group needs to cooperate with each other and use dominoes to create the most innovative city and effective and continuous driving force.


Divide into 8 groups, with about 6 people in each group

1st Round:
How to Proceed

Time Management:

Test which group can arrange the domino pattern the fastest.

Full Score for Creativity:

Test which group can arrange the most creative domino pattern and create the most novel domino city.

Linkage Relationship:

Test which group can arrange the dominoes with the best forward momentum and the most efficiency with the least number of mistakes ( or even zero mistakes! )

Each group is timed and scored. If the process fails or times out, points will be deducted.

if i was a company looking for teambuilding activities, what would i look out for?

2nd Round:
Team Competition & Cooperation

Each group must build bridges with other groups to connect different cities.

They must compete with each other at the same time, but also cooperate with neighboring groups.


Enhance Team Cohesion

We create a company-specific domino team challenge through a customized approach. The game can not only strengthen team cohesion, but also allow everyone in the team to improve their collaboration and communication skills, so that they can complete the most exciting task within the time limit!


Activities & Benefits
Communicate clearly within and outside the team

Creative Thinking
Come up with outside-the-box solutions

Time Management 
Precise Execution Capabilities and Strategies in a High-Pressure Environment

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