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Crazy Japanese Game Show Team Building Activities

A smile is the shortest distance between people. Crazy Japanese Game Show team building will break down the barriers through laughter, and immediately unite your team together. Staff must face a set of crazy challenges where they must work as a team to overcome it. Total fun, totally funny, so unique! After Covid, it's time to put a smile on everyone's face and let them enjoy feeling like a team again!

Think Big - Think Like a Sumo Wrestler
To achieve our company goals in the new quarter, we need to think big like a sumo wrestler! This requires us to connect with our team members, trust each other, and work together to overcome challenges. Our team building activities will involve games that require creative thinking, effective communication, and strategic planning in order to successfully pass each level. Don't forget to put on your hilarious sumo costumes and work with your colleagues to break through the levels! Let's unite and conquer our goals together.
Laugh + Learn team building programs: Laughter is the quickest way to unite your team
If your staff can overcome the blind challenge, they will feel that they can overcome anything in 2023.

Crazy fun

Like a Game Show

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