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Tastes of Taiwan
Team Building Amazing Race

Explore Taiwan, Enhance Teams


10- 200 people


2hr, 4hr, 6 hour, 1 day

Customizable to your message


Looking to take your team building activities to new heights? Say hello to "Tastes of Taiwan" – an exhilarating Treasure Hunt adventure that combines the thrill of teambuilding activities with the rich cultural tapestry of Taipei, Taiwan!

Foster teamwork and problem solving skills as your team navigates through iconic Taiwan landmarks and hidden treasures through deciphering riddles and clues. It's not just about the destination; it's about the journey of cultural discovery.

With "Tastes of Taiwan", your team bonding day isn't just another outing – it's an experience that transforms colleagues into comrades and creates lasting memories.

Choose "Tastes of Taiwan - Amazing Race" team building activity for an adventure that ignites passion, fosters teamwork, and leaves your team feeling energized and united like never before!


Amazing Race Teambuilding activity is recommended by HR professionals and magazines all over Asia.

Outcomes and Benefits


Improve Communication: Work together to solve challenges and navigate Taiwan. Team members will have to  communicate effectively and share information in a clear and concise manner.


Resource Management: With limited time and budget, members must negotiate and strategize to complete all tasks efficiently. 


Adaptability and Flexibility: Negotiating unfamiliar environments and situations during the event forces participants to learn and adjust their strategies in response to changing circumstances.


Leadership Development: Naturally, individuals will have to step up and take charge when necessary. This fosters leadership skills and qualities among team members.


Cultural Understanding: Engaging with Taiwan's culture and traditions during the event promotes cultural awareness and understanding among participants. This creates a more inclusive and diverse team environment.

How it works

Activity goal: Work as a team to navigate Taiwan. 

Every team will be given riddles and clues to work out. Teams will then have to go to the designated location and complete the task. The fastest team to complete all tasks is the winner. 

Cultural Understanding Engaging with Taiwan's culture and traditions during the event promotes cultural awareness and understanding among participants, fostering a more inclusive and diverse team  (1).png

Chicken Cutlet


Soup Dumplings


Stinky tofu


Bubble Tea


Taipei 101


Shaved Ice Dessert


Braised Meat Rice


Past Events

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Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-11_edited.jpg
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