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Fun team building choices and ideas for conferences, meetings and trainings.

Choose from the list of teambuilding activities below. Or go to the individual page for more details and team activity videos. For more ideas and events, please contact us.

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Zombie Survival - If you don't work as a team you won't survive. 

Staff must adapt to overcome a zombie apocalypse team building.

Racing 1 team building - Inspired by F1, Teams work together to build and race their own racing car. 

Will your team pass the Pit-stop challenge?

Crazy Japanese Game Show team bonding - Unite your department with laughter.

After covid we all need to enjoy each other's company again as a team. Have some crazy fun together.SEE YOUR STAFF THIS HAPPY, MORE INFO ...

Domino Effect Teambuilding

Your company is like a big championship team, everyone on the team has their own roles and responsibilities, and the trigger can make all the difference. Through the Dominoes Team Challenge, every colleague can strengthen and cultivate mutual teamwork and cooperation skills in the game.  ...MORE INFO

drum-corporate-team-bonding-taiwan-learning-hr-教育訓練 - Copy.jpg
Drumming Team Bonding - The most effective team training in the world in Taiwan!

Imagine your whole company united through music. Be innovative, beat to a different drum with this amazing team bonding where every person gets a drum!WE WANT TO BE IN HARMONY, TELL US MORE .....

Taste Taiwan - Join this amazing team treasure hunt! Explore the popular Taiwanese cuisine together, and the beautiful scenery on the treasure hunt is not to be missed!

The amazing race game meets treasure hunt team bonding challenge! ...MORE INFO

Puzzle Team Building

Just like the market in the real world, each jigsaw puzzle is like a specific customer group. The more customers you have, the more market share you have. The goal of each group is to win through teamwork and obtain the largest market share.  ...MORE INFO

CSR Teambuilding - Build a Bike for orphan kids.

Build team spirit as staff build bikes for disadvantaged communities. Your company can give back to the community with one of our CSR Corporate social responsibility activities available.

Inspire your staff with this exciting key note speaker - captain of Taiwan's world champion tug-of-war team

Learn to overcome any challenge as one team.YES, MY DEPARTMENT NEEDS MOTIVATION more info...

Icebreaker Game - Magic Balloons! Break the ice for your next meeting with a light and versatile balloon.

When all are united, we can accomplish any challenge!

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