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Orsted - Taiwan's no.1 Wind Energy technology company chooses Racing 1 for team bonding in Tamshui, Taipei.

Date 2023: Covid meant that the company could not get together for several years. The international CEO of Orsted flew out to unite and help create stronger connections and relationships through an exciting race car building team building at the Fullon Hotel next to the beach in Tamshui, Taipei.


Breaking News 1st October 2023: New Zombie Attack team building launches in Taiwan for companies for the first time

Date: 2023 October 5th:  After covid, many companies in Taiwan have found a need to get staff and employees to re-connect. This exciting Zombie Escape teamwork activity emphasizes how things and the world can suddenly change, and teams must adapt, change and succeed in the new environment. This very relevant message was used by leading multinational AECOM at their recent teambuilding in Taichung Taiwan recently last week on the 23rd of September 2023.


Innovation in Team building games and ideas in Taiwan for innovative technology companies

The latest articles about events will be posted here. Picture below: Team building event in Taichung.The picture


Google Taiwan unites with the Drum Cafe drumming team building.

Date: 6th January 2023. Google's 業務部門 client service business division awarded Teambuilding.TW their group training in Taipei. In a detailed survey, over 83% of staff said the workshop helped them better understand their role's importance within the bigger organization.


2024 News coming

announcements of new team building ideas, games and activities for 2024 for companies coming soon here. Stay tuned for team bonding alerts and updates on news for corporate teamwork training and L&D events. 


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