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CSR - Cooperate Social Responsibility Team Building

Blend the joy of giving with the excitement of team bonding


20 - 500 people


1hr, 2hr, 3 hours


Customizable to your message


Have the best of both worlds. Our unique approach combines the fulfilling act of contributing to society with the invaluable benefits of team building.

Choose from a variety of activities such as building bikes for disadvantaged children, or tea picking to donate tea to the elderly homes who need it. Our curated activities fosters collaboration, communication, and trust among team members. By working towards a common goal that extends beyond the office walls, your team will develop a deeper sense of purpose and collaboration. 

CSR teambuilding activity is not just about donating to the needy, it's about creating moments of pure joy and empowerment for your team and the children in need.

Receive a certification of recognition for your contributions. Let us help you create  stronger teams and brighter smiles together!

CSR- Build a bike is rated on of the most meaningful Team Building Activity in Asia!

Outcomes and Benefits


Increased Employee Engagement:  When employees feel their work has a positive impact beyond the workplace, they tend to be more engaged and motivated. 


Positive Brand Image: Clients and customers are increasingly drawn to companies that demonstrate a commitment to making a difference in their communities and beyond. 


Skill Development: Participants may acquire new skills or refine existing ones through their involvement in diverse CSR activities. For instance, building bikes may require mechanical skills, while picking tea leaves might involve learning about agriculture and sustainability practices


Sense of Fulfillment: Knowing that they have contributed to meaningful causes can instill a sense of fulfillment and purpose in participants. This can lead to greater job satisfaction and a deeper connection to the company's values and mission. 


Networking Opportunities: Building relationships with community organizations, suppliers, or other stakeholders involved in the CSR projects can be beneficial in ways. 

Past Events

Build-a-Bike for under-privileged


Tools and parts will be provided by us. 

Donate to organization(s) of your choice and get a certification of recognition for your efforts. 

Past Events

Tea leaves for the elderly


Participants learn and get involved in the tea-making proccess

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