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Domino Team Building

In a company everything we do has a ripple effect on those around us. The Domino Effect teambuilding is the best way to get staff to Connect and Collaborate instantly.


10- 1,000+ people


1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 4 hour

Customizable to your message


Why Dominos? Just like a domino effect, In a company what you do has a ripple effect on those around us.
Everyone on the team is just like a single domino trigger that can make a big difference to the organization's success.

Domino Effect Team Building is a truly fun, exciting and unique interactive team building game that connects everyone immediately. In Domino Teambuilding challenge, everyone must work together to build intricate structures and achieve common goals. This interactive team game cultivates a sense of trust and dependability within the team. Individuals must rely on each other to fulfill their roles and contribute to the collective effort..

By leveraging the principles of Dominoes, companies can create meaningful and impactful team building experiences that strengthen bonds, foster creativity, and drive collective success.

Domino Effect Challenge Team Building is rated one of the Top 10 team building activities and games in Taiwan

Outcomes and Benefits


Collaboration and Communication: Members within the team will have to talk to each other and devise a plan to complete their domino setup efficiently. 


Resilience, and Flexibility: A small movement may topple over the whole domino set up. Members will have to maintain their fighting spirit and pick up from where they fall. 


Innovative Thinking & Problem Solving: extra points are given to the team with the most innovative design but also finishes their set-up the fastest. 


Time Management & Planning: In order to be the fastest finishing team, members will have to keep an eye on the clock and plan their resources. 


High Pressure Project Execution & Strategy: When the clock is ticking, teams will have to work with steady hands to put the finishing dominoes. 

How it works

Activity goal: Build the most inventive domino city through collaborative teamwork across teams. 


Teams will compete with each other to construct and execute their domino setups in record time.

The difficulty is then increased by building bridges to interconnect their domino setups with neighboring teams. 

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