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Taste of Taiwan

A smile is the shortest distance between people. Crazy Japanese Game Show team building will break down the barriers through laughter, and immediately unite your team together. Staff must face a set of crazy challenges where they must work as a team to overcome it. Total fun, totally funny, so unique! After Covid, it's time to put a smile on everyone's face and let them enjoy feeling like a team again!

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Laugh + Learn team building programs: Laughter is the quickest way to unite your team
If your staff can overcome the blind challenge, they will feel that they can overcome anything in 2023.

Learn Survival Chinese

•Please: Qing 請

•Thank you: Xie Xie 謝謝

•Sorry: Dui Bu Qi 對不起

•Excuse me: Qing Wen 請問

•Delicious: Hao Chi 好吃

•Goodbye: Zai Jian 再見 or just say Bye

•Address: Di Zhi 地址

•How much? Duo Shao Qian 多少錢?

•Turn left: Zuo Zhuan左轉

•Turn right: Yo Zhuan 右轉

•Traffic Lights: Hong Lu Deng 紅綠燈

•Big: Da 大

•Medium: Zhong 中

•Small: Xiao小

•East: Dong 東

•West: Xi 西

•South: Nan 南

•North: Bei 北

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Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-13.jpg
Master-File-Tastes of Taiwan Race-Intro-eng-20220317-14.jpg
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Crazy fun

Like a Game Show

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