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Puzzle Challenge Team building

Achieve collaborative success by piecing together every members values, goals and objectives to create a complete masterpiece 


10- 1,000+ people


1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr, 4 hr


Customizable to your message


Are you ready to transform your team dynamics while engaging in a thrilling and intellectually stimulating adventure? Look no further than our Puzzle Team Building Game - the perfect blend of excitement, strategy, and collaboration.

In today's fast-paced corporate world, effective teamwork is more critical than ever. Our Puzzle Teambuilding game offers a unique opportunity for teams to come together, overcome challenges, and emerge stronger and more cohesive than ever before.

Puzzle challenge mimics the real world where every piece counts, and every decision shapes the outcome.

Our teambuilding  game is not just about solving puzzles; it's about fostering teamwork, enhancing communication, and unleashing the full potential of your team.

Our Team Building Puzzle Game is designed to leave a lasting impact on your organization. By promoting collaboration, fostering innovation, and building trust among team members, our game lays the foundation for long-term success and growth.

Puzzle Challenge is one of the Top-rated Team-building activities and games in Taiwan, delivering meaningful and memorable experiences for participants

Outcomes and Benefits


Teamwork & Collaboration: Individuals will have to work together as a team to piece their puzzle together.


Practice negotiation skills: Members of one team will have to negotiate with other teams to get their required puzzle to complete their picture.


Adapt to sudden changes: Rules may be changed or added throughout the game, teams will have to revise their strategy to adapt to these changes.


Think strategically to increase efficiency: the clock is ticking, teams will have to come up with strategies to complete the puzzle before the time is up.


Boost team morale and motivation: puzzle challenge boosts the team's synergy which is crucial in boosting their moral and motivation. 

How it works

Activity goal: Collaborate and Negotiate to build the largest puzzle amongst teams 


Teams can choose to compete or collaborate with each other. The teams with the biggest connected puzzle piece wins!

Customize your message
Participating in Puzzle Challenge
Compete and Collaborate

Customize the puzzle image, game scenario and more!

Whether you would like to motivate your team to acquire larger market share or inculcate other values, goals, sales objectives, we can incorporate your message into Puzzle Challenge. 

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